Harker’s Island 

The chart shows Harkers Island and the surrounding waters.  This chart is not to be used for navigational purposes.  The starting area is immediately south of the registration and launching area on the Cape Lookout National Seashore at the east end of Harkers Island.

The Island Wind circumnavigates Harkers Island.  The starting area will consist of a starting line with two racing marks forming a gate to weather of the starting line.  Yachts shall cross the starting line and proceed upwind to the gate.  Upon reaching the gate, yachts shall pass between the gate marks and choose a direction in which to circumnavigate Harkers Island.  Yachts shall pass through the center span of the drawbridge on the northwest corner of Harkers Island.  Browns Island is not a mark of the course and does not need to be rounded.  Upon approaching the finish line, racers will see that the Race Committee boat has left station at the starting line and replaced one end of the gate.  The finish line shall be the line between the Race Committee flag on the Race Committee boat and other racing mark originally forming the gate.  Yachts shall approach and cross the finish line at which time finishing positions will be recorded.

Round the bouys racing shall be conducted in the approximate area of the starting area at the east end of Harkers Island.