DSC 0089Founded by the late Capt. Evans, My Own Bloody Yacht Club is now headquartered on Harkers Island, North Carolina under the leadership of his family.  As always members and their guests are invited to visit the club at any time.  Please plan on an extended stay as our guests.

Nestled inside the hook of Cape Lookout, Harkers Island presents all of our family, friends and out-of-town sailors a pristine environment to enjoy the surrounding sounds.  Come join us each year for the Harkers Island Regatta and our unique Island Wind Race.  

As you can see, all of our neighbors come out to watch the racing action!  

Visit our clubhouse and the neighboring Cape Lookout National Seashore and the Core Sound Waterfowl Museum and Heritage Center.  Our islander neighbor Wm. Bell once said; Why would I ever leave heaven on Earth? 

MOBYC runs the annual Harkers Island Regatta for Sunfish Class sailboats featuring the Island Wind Race around Harkers Island.  Come sail this challenging regatta with us.  For more information contact us at commodore@mobyachtclub.com or fleetcaptain@mobyachtclub.com